Patent Chat

We all know how important patent is in our current invention environment. As such, we will be introducing a new SIDA meeting event called “Patent Chat”.

What is “Patent Chat” ? Lets see…

  • Our SIDA mission is “Developing Future Inventors”. We want to develop “Future Inventors” who not only understand the patent landscape, but also good enough to do their own patent search. Better still, good enough to write their own patent. “Patent Chat” aims to achieve this.
  • To elevate our SIDA members knowledge on patent, we will pick out some patent cases and discuss it during the meeting.
  • We may pick out some case studies from IPOS patent agent qualifying examination.
  • We will post our discussion result in our SIDA website. A password will be needed to access this information. Only SIDA members are given access to the discussion.
  • To access the discussion result, SIDA member should click on “Contact-Us” and drop us an email request. We will identify you through your email address. Please input “Request for patent chat password” in the message box.

Below are the quick links to our past Patent Chat discussion.