For Ordinary Membership, the Entrance Fee of S$50 and Annual Subscription of S$36 apply (This is applicable to any SIDA member who has resigned or ceased to be member and wishes to rejoin).

For Student Membership, the Entrance Fee of S$10 and Annual Subscription of S$12 apply.

Is there any criteria to join SIDA as member ? The answer is no, you can join as long as you are interested in invention.

To join us as member,

  • Please download our membership application below
    (Click here for membership form).
  • Goto “Contact-Us” page (Click here) and drop us a message with your email contact.
  • We will reply your email and invite you to come down to our meeting.
  • Speak to our members and decide if you like to join us.
  • Submit your membership form and membership fee.

Note: Please DO NOT send in your membership form or fee (cash or cheque)  through postal mail.


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