Public Consultation 27 Oct 2016 to 15 Nov 2016

Dear SIDA members,
  Below is a public consultation  to amend Singapore Patent Acts Chapter 221 that may be relevant to our invention process.
  Please let me know if you have any good suggestion,
  Dateline is 30 Nov 2016. Please let me know before 23 Nov so that I can consolidate the suggestions. Thank you.
SIDA Hon. Secretary
Jason Leow

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WIPO meet Singapore Inventors Development Association (SIDA)


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  • SIDA meeting with IPOS


SIDA participation in Ngee Ann Bootcamp (1 Oct 2012 to 4 Oct 2012)

(Click the above link for the presentation slide)

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SIDA Forum closing on 19 Oct 2011

Please note that our SIDA forum at will be closing on 19 Oct 2011.

SIDA Forum

Dear SIDA Members,

We will be introducing a SIDA forum into our website for members to feedback and communicate.
The URL link is at

Registration will start from 18 Apr 2010.

This forum is meant only for SIDA members (Guest may only view some of the sections).

Please register with a valid email address according to your SIDA membership so that we know who you are.

Sida article submission is open for members.

Dear All Sida Members,

With the migration of our website to WordPress system, we are discovering and exploring new ways to enhance our website experience.

First on the line, we are introducing a new feature for our registered SIDA members to comment and submit articles.

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