SIDA meeting on 24 Jan 2015, Sat 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA Meeting will be held on Saturday, 24 Jan 2015, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.

The agenda items will be:
* Brain Stretching#6 (15 min)
* SIDA Annual Report (30 min)
* Project NATIONAL (30 min)
* Patent search result
* Liasing for SG50
* SIDA Patent Assistant Guideline Revision (Version 3.1  to  3.2) (30 min)
* Break (15min)
* Proposal for “Friends of SIDA” Version 1.0 (30 min)
* Project LAPTOP (1hr)
* Invention Gossip (15min)
Total duration (~ 4 hrs)

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at

Below is the tweeter log for this meeting.


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