Singapore portable guitar dehumidifier

20141022A1_Straits Times 22 Oct 2014 on SG_In tune with the needs of guitar-loving customers

  • * Singapore’s humid weather.. is a problem.. the feel of their guitars was “off”…
  • * … distortion was caused by the acoustic instrument’s wooden body absorbing moisture in the atmosphere.
  • * When a guitar absorbs moisture, it causes the wood to expand slightly, raising the distance between the strings and the fretboard.

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IPOS appointed ISA and IPEA under PCT


  • * Singapore IPOS has been appointed as an International Searching Authority (ISA), and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
  • * PCT applications can only be conducted by appointed International Authorities known as ISA and IPEA.
  • * There are currently 17 IP offices across the world being appointed to act as ISA and IPEA.
  • * … IPOS.. examiner pool, 95 percent of whom are PhD holders.
  • * … IPOS.. ability of its examiners to conduct searches in English as well as Chinese.

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What is Outernet ?

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Korea Invention News

This fall/winter, Korea Invention News (KINEWS) holds 3 international awarding events in Seoul, Korea.

  • * 5th Korea Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair, CIGIF 2014
    Award Ceremony: November 22nd in Seoul, Korea
    40 Countries were in Participation Previous Year
  • * 3rd Korea Inventor Award Festival, 2014 KIAF
    Award Ceremony: December 6th in Seoul, Korea
    30 Countries were in Participation Previous
  • * 3rd World Inventor Award Festival, 2014 WIAF
    Award Ceremony: December 13th in Seoul, Korea
    55 Countries were in Participation Previous Year

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