SIDA AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 22 Feb 2014 (Sat), 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be held on Saturday, 22 Feb 2014, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.

The agenda items are:
* SIDA Annual Report 2013 (30 min, Jason)
* SIDA Income Statement 2013 (30 min, George)
* Committee Bi-Annual Election (1 hr)
* Break (15 min)
* Project Hanger Patent Search Result (1 hr, Jason, Tony)
* Invention Gossip (30 min)
Total duration expected ~ 4 hours.

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at

Mechanic has a Tool for Childbirth


  •  * The idea… won the enthusiastic endorsement of the World Health Organization…
  • * With the Odón Device, an attendant slips a plastic bag inside a lubricated
    plastic sleeve around the head, inflates it to grip the head and pulls
    the bag until the baby emerges
  • * Doctors say it has enormous potential to save babies in poor countries,
    and perhaps to reduce cesarean section births in rich ones
  • * …should cost less than $50 to make.



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