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SIDA meeting on 16 Nov 2013 (Sat), 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA Meeting will be held on Saturday, 16 Nov 2013, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.
The agenda items are:
* Update on SIDA DBS Bank Account (30 min) [Jason]
* SI-AP#11: Project HANGER (1 hr) [Tony, Jason]
— Initial Patent Search result.
* Energy Saving Mirror (30 min) [Kim]
* Project DaVinci (30 min) [Tan, Jason]
* SIDA FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) (1 hr) [Jason]
* Invention Gossip (30 min)
Total duration expected ~ 4 hours.

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at

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SI-AP#10: Project CAMERA

Project CAMERA was aborted on 7 Oct 2013 because similar invention was already patented (EP0914623: Variable focus lens by small changes of the equatorial lens diameter) on 5 Oct 1996.


SI-AP#8: Project SA Probe


Project SA PROBE was completed on 1 Jun 2013

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