Meeting tweeter log for meeting on 14 Sep 2013


Above is the tweeter log for the meeting on 14 Sep 2013


2013 Korea Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair


Fresh paper to keep your fruit fresh

  • …Kavita Shukla, who patented it at age 17…

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Lock-Lah to prevent bicycle thefts


  •  The fuss-free rack with a round plate at its front to keep away thieving hands was the winning entry at the inaugural Bicycle Bay Design Competition…
  • …the indonesian team of Ms Joanna Christie Lie, Ms Yanti Agustin and Mr Inigo……final-year product design students at Lasalle School of the Arts.
  • The team found that thieves often target front wheels, front shafts and seat tubes, since they were the easiest parts to take apart and steal…
  • …the winning design was simple yet effective and cheap to make.
  • Bicycle thefts have been on the increase here over the past five years.
  • More than 150 designs were submitted…when the competition was first launched in February (2013).