SI-AP#007: Project PHONE

Project PHONE was aborted on 27 July 2013 because similar invention was already patented (US20120055960: Electronic Mobile Device Support Apparatus) in 3 September 2010.



Energy harvesting by walking


  • … Lawrence Kemball-Cook, an enthusiastic, 27-year-old, London-based entrepreneur…His company, Pavegen Systems, produces floor tiles that generate electricity through being walked on.

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10 inventors who didn’t get mega-rich from their inventions

  • 3M sell billions of Post-It Notes each year but its inventors describe themselves as “comfortably off” not wealthy.
  • Inventor Trevor Baylis (Wind-up radio) recently said he can no longer afford to live in his home in Twickenham, London, because despite millions of sales around the globe…
  • Japanese businessman Daisuke Inoue (Karaoke machine)…He didn’t patent his invention and barely made a yen.

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Global Innovation Index 2013


  • …Singapore’s drop from third to eighth place in the Global Innovation Index 2013- following a change in the methodology to place more emphasis on innovation output..
  • It measures 142 countries using 84 indicators, including innovation output, the quality if universities, availability of microfinance and venture capital.
  • Singapore had previously held third place for two consecutive years.

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SIDA meeting on 27 Jul 2013 (Sat), 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA Meeting will be held on Saturday, 27 Jul 2013, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.
The agenda items are:
* SIDA Annual Return (30 min)
* SIDA DBS Account Top Up (30 min)
* SIAP#7: Project PHONE (1 hr)
* Invention Gosip (1 hr)
Total duration expected ~ 3 hours.

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at
* Meeting tweeter log for this meeting will not be published in website due to sensitive information on SIDA Financial Account.

Robot that run like a cat

  • Swiss researchers said Monday they have created a small four-legged, high-speed robot that runs like a cat in a bid to create a new breed of robots for use in search and rescue operations.
  • …size of a small house cat or cheetah cub, moves as fast as an adult human walking briskly.
  • The robot recorded a maximum speed of 1.42 metres (4.65 feet) per second, corresponding to 5.1 kilometres (3.1 miles) per hour.

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World most dangerous bicycle

  • A plumber (Colin Furze) has built what he himself admits is probably the most dangerous bicycle in the world, powered by a homemade jet engine, which can achieve speeds of 50mph.
  • …attached a jet engine to the back and extended the frame so the rider is supposedly a ‘safe’ distance away from the heat generated by it.

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