George Yu’s Node Gadget Can Measure Anything

  • * George Yu can take your temperature from two feet away, scan your house for leaky insulation, and determine the dampness of your basement with a gadget he invented called the Node, which works with an iPhone.
    就算站在两尺的距离, Georges Yu 也可以测量你的身体温度,扫描你的房子找寻漏洞和探查你的地下室潮湿度。他的新发明叫做Node, 可用于iPhone.
  • * The three-inch tube, which he describes as “a little Swiss Army knife of sensors” records the world around it and beams the data to the phone via Bluetooth.
    他把这个三英寸管的发明形容为”一个小瑞士军刀的感应器”。它可以记录周围的世界, 并通过蓝牙连接把数据传到手机。

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The bizarre amphibious vehicle inventor claims is driven by perpetual motion

  • He (Chris Garner) claims it is powered by what describes ‘Gyro Generator’ technology that he says will revolutionise the way we travel
  • He came up with the idea for his range of personal marines after a close encounter with a large shark.
  • He believes his new ‘Gyro Generator’ technology will revolutionise the way in which we travel and enable electric vehicles to run indefinitely with no requirement to stop and recharge at regular intervals.
  • The technology itself will be put to the test in the next two weeks by academics from the University of Plymouth. Then we can decide if his theories hold water.

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Meeting Tweeter log for SIDA meeting on 24 Nov 2012


Above is the meeting tweeter log for SIDA meeting held on 24 Nov 2012

Samsung Ordered to Pay Inventor W6 Billion (US$5.5m)

  • A court has ordered Samsung Electronics to pay a former employee W6 billion (~US$5.5m) in compensation for patented technologies he invented while working for the electronics giant
  • The former worker, identified only by his surname Chung, filed the lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court in 2010, seeking a total of W18.5 billion (~US$17m) in compensation.
  • He worked there until 1995 and developed image-compression technologies for high-definition TVs. His inventions led to 10 local patents and 28 overseas patents…
  • Samsung made W62.56 billion (~US$57m) in profit from 2000 to 2007 from Chung’s patents,
  • Legal experts hope the landmark ruling will have a positive effect on spurring innovation at Korean companies. “There are cases where companies do not inform their staff about the rewards they are entitled to for new inventions,” said one patent attorney.

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