“We Own Your Brain”: Doctor Moonlights As Inventor, Judge Says MGH Owns His Ideas


  • Dr. Joseph Grocela is an MGH urologist who moonlights as an inventor of medical devices.
  • And yet a judge today ruled that MGH�s parent company Partner Healthcare owns all his IP � even from work done in his own home
  • The judge argued that 1) he could always have chosen to work somewhere without such requirements, and 2) he benefits significantly from the clinical resources at MGH, a factor that enables his ability to invent.
  • Someone tinkering on a medical device may or may not do so with a big financial payout in mind, but one thing that will certainly make them less likely to build new things is the knowledge that someone else will swoop in and steal it from them for a profit.
  • Just think of how many great companies started out as side projects.