Meeting Tweeter log for SIDA meeting on 19 May 2012


Above is the meeting tweeter log for SIDA meeting held on 19 May 2012


The Top 3 Realities of Inventing Today

  • For starters, join a local inventor club. This will help you with networking and resources, but most importantly, it will temper your enthusiasm and excitement.
  • …impulsive and emotional decision-making is the number one reason first-time inventors fall prey to sweet-sounding promises by invention promotion firms and lose an estimated $300 million annually.

Clearwater inventor’s eyeglass repair kit wins third place in Walmart contest

  • …eyeglass repair kit created by Clearwater inventor Nancy Tedeschi.
  • She has sold 5 million of her SnapIt eyeglass repair kits elsewhere.
  • …at $4.88. That includes a tiny screwdriver and five screws.

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Haptic technology for touch screen devices ?

  • Haptic technology allows users to “feel” buttons on a touch-screen device by providing localized feedback when users’ fingers touch button or control areas.

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Liquidmetal, the next generation of material in your next smart phone ?

  • “This is a technology that has yet to be matured and perfected both in manufacturing process and application development,” Peker said
  • “Liquidmetal is super strong, scratch and corrosion resistant, resilient and can be precision cast into complex shapes,” Peker said.
  • …while plastics are cheap to manufacture in complex shapes, they aren’t strong enough.Glass can be made into complex shapes and looks great, but is fragile, and metal is hard to mould into such shapes. Liquidmetal combines advantages from all these elements, while also being extremely robust.

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