3D Printers: Make Whatever You Want


  • …14-year-old Riley Lewis and a few of his eighth grade friends…The boys can pretty much fabricate anything they can dream up on a machine called the RapMan.

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Raspberry Pi hopes to inspire the next generation of innovators

  • …a US$35 (S$43) computer the size of a credit card…
  • …help nurture programming skills at an extremely low cost.

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Colorado program to help inventors obtain patents


  • A unique program to connect low-income inventors with patent attorneys to pursue patents before the US Patent and Trademark Office…
  • “It is the first time ever in the world that a group of patent attorneys have gotten together – organized – to set up a program by which inventors who have great ideas but don’t have financial resources can get matched up with practicing patent attorneys who will research their inventions, counsel them, write patent applications, and file those patent applications in the US patent office,” said Kappos.use

SIDA meeting on 19 May 2012

Notice is hereby given that the SIDA General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 19 May 2012 from 2.00 pm.

The agenda items are:

1) Meeting Tweeter Upgrade (Version 2.0) — (10 min)

2) Finalization of SIDA 10 years roadmap — (30 min)

3) SAN (Sida Advisors Network) Membership/Survey form — (1 hr)

4) SIAP (Sida Inventor Assistance Programme) revision (Version 3.0) — (1 hr)

5) Invention Gossip — (1 hr)


With best regards,

Sida Webmaster


PS: For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at http://sida.org.sg/contact-us/

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Meeting Tweeter for SIDA meeting on 7 April 2012


Above is the meeting tweeter log for SIDA meeting held on 7 April 2012

Auto Lead Pencil

  • Special mechanical pencil that write without the need to “eject” the pencil lead. It has a mechanism that eject the lead automatically when you write.

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NUS Students invent touchscreen sensitive ISGLOVES

Article taken from http://www.todayonline.com/index on 8 Apr 2012

  • Recounted team leader Charmain Tan:”When I was in Sweden. I faced difficulty using my iPhone…and that was why we came up with this.”

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Quirk Station: A company that brings inventions to life ?


  • For $10, you submit an idea online, follow Quirky users’ comments and, if chosen, watch as your idea comes to life, working its way through research, design, branding, engineering, and sales and marketing.

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Danville inventor’s small idea has big possibilities


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