Nike running shoe make from knitting machine

  • …a 5.6-ounce running shoe called the Flyknit, made from synthetic yarn ingeniously woven together by a knitting machine.
  • The computer-controlled weaving technology, which knits the entire upper part of the shoe in a single piece that’s then attached to the sole, promises to cut labor costs and production time while also increasing profit margins and opportunities for personalization.

  • Flyknit, which will cost $150 and hits U.S. stores in July…
  • In a process Nike calls “micro-level precision engineering,” proprietary software instructs the machine to minutely alter a shoe’s stability and aesthetics.
  • …the software uses multiple layers of yarn of varying thickness. Nike plans to patent the process.
  • …the amount of material wasted manufacturing each pair weighs only as much as a sheet of paper, or about one-100th of a pound. Nike says the Flyknit produces 66 percent less waste than the Air Pegasus+ 28.
  • Nike makes 96 percent of its shoes in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, where labor costs are low.