Singapore Intellectual Property Fee to Rise

Discover 2 new Expos!

Discover 2 new Expos!

Photo Exposition – euREKA 48 researchers under the microscope

Research in Brussels will be present through the photo exhibition ‘Eureka, 48 researchers under the microscope’: 40 specialists who are active in all kinds of research domains, a mix of qualification degrees, from lab assistant, Egyptologist, to paediatrician and economist (no, no, research doesn’t exclusively take place in sterile laboratories!).

At last: sophisticated, pure, funny at times but ever monochrome portraits that reveal photographer Denia Zerouali’s mastery of the portrait.

SIDA Forum closing on 19 Oct 2011

Please note that our SIDA forum at will be closing on 19 Oct 2011.

Singapore Smart Walking Cane

Article taken from MyPaper ( on 5 Oct 2011, Page A3