Entrepeneurs get hands-on with ideas at TechShop

  • The massive DIY workshop occupies a 15,000-square-foot space in San Francisco’s South of Market neighboorhood, and it’s already a thriving community oozing with ideas. With staff and classes that help bring concepts to reality, there’s just about everything here, including gizmos and facilities you might otherwise never get a chance to use: laser cutters; a sheet metal shop; a wood shop; and machines for injection molding, vacuum forming, and textiles; as well as application-filled computers and an electronics lab.


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Japanese inventor builds machine that turns plastic bags into fuel

  • Japanese inventor Akinori Ito claims to have that solution. He has created a machine that can turn plastic bags into fuel. Plastic bags are made from crude oil, after all, and Ito’s machine can revert the plastic to its original state.
  • His invention is actually a non-polluting, fully contained process that heats up the plastic, traps the vapors and channels them through an intricate system of pipes and water chambers.

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The WIPO Magazine 1/2011 (February) issue

The WIPO Magazine 1/2011 (February) issue
is now available on the WIPO website.


This WIPO Magazine focuses on:

Also in this issue:

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Project LEAF Closed

Project LEAF is now officially closed.
You may refer to its final documentation at


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