SIAP (SIDA Inventor Assistance Programme)

We are in the mist of setting up a SIAP (SIDA Inventor Assistance Programme)  system with the following mission…

  • Assist SIDA members to test and prototype their idea.
  • Assist SIDA members to write and apply for their patent themselves.
  • Guide and develop Inventor mindset and confidence during their invention journey.
  • Provide limited financial resources and help to seek sponsorship.
  • Built up a SIAP fund to help other SIDA inventors.


For all SIDA member who are interested to participate in this project, please drop us a message at out contact page (

Please use your email address according to your SIDA membership account so that we know who you are.

iNVENT Exhibition at Science Center

Attachment #1: My Paper (, 21 Jul 2010, Page A3

British Inventor Creates First Adjustable, Carbon Neutral Clothes Hanger!

WIPO Magazine 3/2010 (June)

The WIPO Magazine 3/2010 (June) issue

is now available on the WIPO website.

This WIPO Magazine focuses on:

  • World Intellectual Property Day 2010 – a glimpse of the many events organized around this year’s theme, “Innovation – Linking the World”.
  • Open Innovation – Collective solutions for tomorrow – the emerging innovation model that is helping to jump-start stalled company growth and deliver solutions to global problems.
  • WIPO’S First Open Day – WIPO opens its doors to the public for the first time.
  • The Green Debate: IP Perspectives – an overview of the different perspectives expressed in a public debate on IP and the environment.

Also in this issue:

Read more…