Inventor’s need for tools sparked TechShop

Interesting extract from the article.

  • Every mad scientist needs a laboratory. And for those who can’t afford it, there’s TechShop.

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  • For a monthly fee of about $100, TechShop puts more than $750,000 worth of tools and software at the disposal of experienced and amateur tinkerers eager to breathe life into a new wooden or metallic concoction or simply pull something apart to see how it ticks.
  • “Anything you see in the world can be made with the tools we have,” said TechShop CEO Mark Hatch. “If you’re trying to make a spaceship, you’re going to have to make it in smaller sections, but we do have the tools.”
  • “It’s almost impossible to say what people are doing here. There’s more than 600 members and they all have a project,” said Newton.