WIPO now in YouTube

WIPO has set up a YouTube presence: the WIPO channel

(Click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/wipo)

WIPO Magazine (April 2010)

The WIPO Magazine 2/2010 (April) issue is now available on the WIPO website.
(Click here: http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/)

This WIPO Magazine focuses on:

  • The WIPO Convention – Life begins at 40!
  • The New WIPO Logo
  • The 10th World IP Day and the 2010 Message from Director General Francis Gurry
  • Innovation, the Environment and the Future
  • Interview with Artist, Illustrator, Creator – Bob MacNeil

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GE Develops LED Light Bulb That Lasts 17 years


  • “GE has developed a new type of LED light bulb that it claims lasts for up to 17 years. GE says that these new light bulbs can provide just as much light as a 40-watt incandescent lightbulb, while consuming only nine watts of electricity.”
  • “While your average light bulb may come in at around 3 or 4 bucks apiece, these LED light bulbs are estimated to cost around $40-50 dollars each.”

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Does the Patent Office Snub Inventors Who File without an Attorney?

Want to file your own patent by yourself ?
This article is based in US context, but you should take a look at it before taking the next step.


Below are some interesting points made in the article..

  • “The lonely toil of the individual American inventor has given the nation brilliant technological breakthroughs and universal acclaim for its innovativeness.”
  • “I filed my patent application with the USPTO on Oct. 18, 2007. An experienced patent attorney at a large Atlanta law firm read the entire application and refined the claims for a fee.”

SIDA Forum

Dear SIDA Members,

We will be introducing a SIDA forum into our website for members to feedback and communicate.
The URL link is at http://www.sida.org.sg/forum

Registration will start from 18 Apr 2010.

This forum is meant only for SIDA members (Guest may only view some of the sections).

Please register with a valid email address according to your SIDA membership so that we know who you are.

The Bloom Box

Large corporations have been testing a new device that can generate power on the spot, without being connected to the electric grid. Will we have one in every home someday ?


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Hewlett Packard outlines computer memory of the future


The fundamental building blocks of all computing devices could be about to undergo a dramatic change that would allow faster, more efficient machines.

“Researchers at computer firm Hewlett Packard (HP) have shown off working devices built using memristors – often described as electronics’ missing link.”

“That means they could begin to replace transistors – the tiny switches used to build today’s chips.”

“And, crucially, the unique properties of memristors would allow future chips to both store and process data in the same device.”

“In the near future we can use memristors to make real brain-like computers, he told BBC News.”

Inventor Dean Kamen Discusses Revolutionary Robot Arm At TED MED 2009

Revolutionary Robot Arm developed to pick up a raisin without dropping it.