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The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and SPRING Singapore ideas.inc. Business Challenge encourages you to act upon your ideas and entrepreneurial aspirations. By submitting an executive summary based upon your idea you may be among those who receive substantial funding support and expert help to develop it further. This is a unique opportunity for you to turn your idea into a real product or service!

Please note that this is meant for “Any young people below the age of 26 years-old can participate.”


Fan Without Blades

Dyson, the company behind those amazing but expensive vacuum cleaners, has invented a new kind of fan. The bladeless device looks like a giant hi-tech bubble wand and puts out an uninterrupted stream of smooth “amplified” air.” From Salt Lake Tribune (http://www.sltrib.com/technology/ci_13594551)

20091020A1_DysonBladelessFanImage taken from http://www.dyson.com/fans/default.asp

Patent banks designed for N.J. inventors

To all those lonely-heart inventors out there looking for sugar daddies, the state has created an online dating service just for you.

New Jersey has launched a web portal designed to bring patent-holders together with investors looking to make money off the next big thing. The service, dubbed a patent bank, is a searchable place inventors can upload information about their ideas that are available to be licensed. It can be found at www.nj.gov/patentbank.

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Tunnel boring machine

This is an interesting video clip about the invention of the tunneling machine.