Voting on Google “Call for Idea”

Remember the Google Project to gather idea from all over the world.

They have managed to collect over 150 thousand idea.

Voting for the best idea is now open at

Vehicle Digital Video Recorder

This is a new product that make lots of sense to drivers.
(Taken from Today Online, 25 sep 2009, Page B11,


Patent Auctions Offer Protections to Inventors

The world can be a rough place for independent inventors. They can often find themselves in court, battling big corporations, spending piles of money on lawyers and leaving it up to judges and juries to determine the value of their hard-won patents.

That could be changing.

The life of an inventor

This is an interesting article.

Inventors want more help from the law to stop their ideas being stolen. As foldable bike innovator Dominic Hargreaves writes, an inventor’s life is full of promise and pitfalls.

The first thing is that I don’t call myself an inventor. It’s a humility thing. I don’t think there are many who would actually call themselves an inventor.

Inventor urges patent law change

A major British inventor is calling for a change in the law to strengthen protection against those who try to steal ideas.

Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, has written to the business secretary urging him to criminalise the theft of intellectual property.

The move would involve a fundamental change to the law on patents.

Currently, inventors have to sue those they believe have stolen their idea through the civil courts.