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Singapore PAF PLUS retired.

This is going to be bad news for all Singapore inventors out there.

It appeared that they have retired the PAF PLUS (Patent Application Fund Plus) from 31 July 2008.

I don’t have much detail about this matter, but you can check it out at their website below.

So, for some of you planning to apply for this fund, please take note.

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Protected: SIDA Meeting on 11 October 2008

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A robotic suit that looks really cool !

Japanese are well known for their robotic technology.
And this is one of the coolest robotic gadget I’ve seen so far.

Attachment #1: My Paper, 8 Oct 2008, Page A11

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Google “Call for idea”

In celebration of Google 10 years, they are inviting all netizen to participate in their new project called “10 to the 100”.

This is rather like our Tan Kah Kee Young inventors award in Singapore, except that there’s no age limit.
But the difference is that there’s no monetary prize, so your idea will have to be given away for free.
The intention is to make the world a better place to live in.

If you have a great idea that will change the world for the better, you can submit your idea at the following url… (Dateline for submission is 20 Oct 2008)

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A real thinking cap

Scientists invented a thinking cap that can turn part of our brain on and off.
What a great idea.

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