SIDA Talk: An Inventor Journey

by SIDA Member, Mr Jim Gan at Millennia Institute 25 April 2008
(25 Apr 2008)
SIDA has pleasure in relating that the staff from the Science Department, Millennia Institute had organised a talk �An Inventor�s Journey�. Our member, Jim Gan gave the talk on 25 April 2008 at the Institute�s Centre Stage.

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Bionic Eyes for the blind

(24 Apr 2008)

Let there be light !
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PCT Asia 2008

(21 Apr 2008)
PCT Asia 2008, jointly organised by the World
Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office
of Singapore (IPOS), is the first-ever gathering of Asian users of the Patent
Cooperation Treaty (PCT). You may also find out more about the event at

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Invention of a cancer curing machine ?

(15 Apr 2008)
A retired businessman who invented the next big thing in cancer cure.
And this man does not has a college degree.

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Instructables, a place of inventions

(10 Apr 2008)
This is a website where inventors submit their invention purely for the whole world to see.
And these people do all kind of weird experiment in their home.

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Improvement on Stent

(4 Apr 2008)
I have an idea on improving the strent.
When I look at the procedure, the strent expand after it is inserted
into the correct portion of the block artery.
But I can imagine one problem is that the lining of the artery is over

stretch because the plaque is still there.
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Birds problem at hawker center

(3 Apr 2008)
I personally was being bomb by bird in hawker center before.
Luckily, I worn a cap at that time, so the damage was minimium.
This is a problem that invite some creative solution.
Any takers ?

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