Mosquito Magnet

(18 Apr 2007)
Now this is an interesting article.
It state that someone manage to bring a new product into singapore.
It’s called Mosquito Magnet.
Making using of mosquito attraction to carbon dioxide that human expel, the machine will dispense carbon dioxide and suck in the mosquito thereby trapping it and starving it to death.

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Anti Bacteria Cutting board

(16 Apr 2007)
Saw this advertisement in the paper.
Wonder how good it is ?

You can read it in their website

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Nanotechnology Applications in Electronics and Semiconductors

16-17 April 2007 • Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In a nutshell, this event will help to:
Understand what Nanotechnology could potentially provide a solution to

accepted challenges in the electronics industry
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