SIDA meeting on 22 Aug 2015, Sat 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA Meeting will be held on Saturday, 22 Aug 2015, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.

The agenda items will be:
* Brain Stretching#9 (15 min)
* SIDA auditor appointment for 2015 (15 min)
* SIDA membership fee collection simplification (30 min)
* SIDA Bank (DBS to Maybank) update (30 min)
* FOS (Friends of SIDA) Version 1.0 (30 min)
* Break (15 min)
* Review SIDA Logo (30 min)
* Project TROLLEY (30 min)
* Project LAPTOP (30 min)
* Invention Gossip (15min)
Total duration (~ 4 hrs)

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at

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