SIDA meeting on 6 Dec 2014, Sat 2pm

Dear All,

Notice is hereby given that the next SIDA Meeting will be held on Saturday, 6 Dec 2014, from 2.00 pm Venue: Mr Tan’s Office.

The agenda items will be:
* Brain Stretching#5 (15 min)
* SIDA Committee matter (15 min)
* SIDA website going audio (15 min)
* Project NATIONAL (2 hr)
* Break (15min)
* Project LAPTOP (1hr)
* Invention Gossip (15min)
Total duration (~ 4 hrs)

* For Sida members who are interested to join in the meeting, please drop me a message at

* Tweeter log for this meeting will not be uploaded into website due to SI-AP Projects non disclosure agreement.